Felting first

I am about to enter into my first felting project.

Unfortunately, I rent a house that doesn’t have a washing machine. I was going to bring my project with me and throw it in an extra washing machine at the laundromat. Is this a bad idea? Will there be a linty yarn mess when I open up the washing machine? I can’t afford to get banned from the laundromat.

If it makes a different, I will be using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.

Any other problems I may run into?


If you put it in a pillow case, there won’t be a lint problem. You also need to have other things in the machine to add friction–like some jeans. The agitation and the hot water are what make things felt. Make sure that you set the water level to low. In my experience, laudromats have very hot water, so that should be to your advantage, but if your item doesn’t felt enough on the first wash, you can’t reset the machine as you can at home.

I’m not sure that going through the full cold rinse cycle would be good before it’s fully felted, so you might want to take it out before the rinse cycle and then restart the machine to rewash it in hot until it’s where you want it to be, feltwise.

Thanks for the help!

I may just wait until I go home during Christmas to felt it. I would hate to mess it up if the washing machine gets out of control.


Lamb’s Pride is super extra mega fuzzy! Some wools might not gunk up the washer…but that one definitely would…definitely get a zippered pillowcase! :smiley:

I echo the need for a zippered pillowcase to catch all of the lint/fuzzies given off during felting. Lamb’s Pride Bulky felts great - I made two bags with it - but it did produce lots of fuzzies and I would not have wanted them loose in my washer! (they can clog up the drain)