Felting disaster

Okay, I have felted about 6 purses this winter…I even just finished a booga…thought I would never do one but love it…however, I just had a disaster with felting…

I went to my LYS and bought lovely plymoth wool to make a knitting tote and wanted it felted…they had a great pattern that was unfelted and the lady at the shop and I decided that if I expanded all measurements by 1/3 both length and width, that I would have a nice size felted knitting tote when I finished…wrong…the 16 x 24 tote that I expected to felt in at around 12 by 18…came out 14 x 8, yes, I listed that correctly…it felted so disportionately that I am baffled. I had previously used the same yarn and felted a very cute purse for my sister and the felting was almost proportional…Now here is my question, all items I had previously felted were in the round…this disaster was knitted straight…would knitting in the round make that much difference. My husband who ran a textile knitting plant said that he thought that might have made the difference…I fell so “stupid” but the biggest problem is I feel that I wasted $30 of good wool and a weeks worth of knitting in evenings.

Any suggestions for a felted knitting tote…any comments…I don’t want this to ever happen again.

I have opposite experience, straight knitted felt less than round.

You could try to make a bucket with lukewarm water, and have the conditioner you use in your hair in the bucket, and put the felted material in, and you will be able to stretch it quite a bit.

I have done it with great success when the stuff felt to much.

And could you cut the seams apart to reconstruct it and sew it back together? I don’t think it’s a total loss, just needs a bit of re-engineering!

Get your hubby to help you wrestle with it after you re-wet it with conditioner - you will be surprised how much you can stretch it.

:frowning: I’m so sorry :frowning: I’ve not felted that much, I have no idea about a remedy…sounds like conditioner & water may help…I’m just so sorry about it. I know it’s heartbreaking when a project doesn’t turn out like you want