Felting Cascade Tweed yarn

I just bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 Tweed (black with the different color flecks) with the intention of making a felted bag (not sure which pattern yet). I didn’t really think about how the flecks would look once felted.

Has anyone ever felted anything with this yarn? Do the flecks kind of disappear when it’s felted? I really like the look of the yarn, so would hate for it to disappear on me. I would appreciate pictures if anyone has any. I tried to do a google image search but didn’t turn up anything, and I’m not on Ravelry yet.

Thanks in advance!

I felted a Cascade Tweed bag – Mine is a maroon color with beige/gold flecks-- can’t remember the colorway. I think it came out great. I’ll try and get some pictures up for you.

I had wondered about the same thing but it didn’t seem to be a problem.


I made felted birdhouses with the Cascade Tweed (I love that yarn) and it turned out real nice.

After felting the specks do still show up.


Thanks again.

I think maybe I’ll knit up a swatch to felt and see how it looks.