Felting by hand?

I’m working on a felted purse. I just ran it through a cycle in the wash, only to realize that the hot cycle on the machines in my building doesn’t really get hot. It wasn’t even lukewarm. So now I’m out of quarters and I have a soggy bag. Is there a way I can do this by hand in the sink or something? Thanks!

i saw something once about a person using a plunger in a sink but there weren’t really any instructions beyond hot water and, of course, a clean new plunger. i would guess it was just super hot water and lots of agitation in the sink with the plunger.

It might take a while with a purse, but I successfully hand-felted a cell-phone cozy in my bathroom sink. I used water as hot as I could stand to wet it throughly, grabbed about half a pump of liquid hand soap and rubbed it between my hands until I was happy with it. I didn’t keep in it water continously - just rewet it every once in a while. For your purse you might try putting it in a bucket of the hottest water you can stand with a little bit of soap and rubbing it vigorously in the bucket. If you can’t get it to felt by doing this don’t panic - even if it dries out you can try again later with a washer that actually has hot water. (and if you didn’t do it before make sure you have some other stuff like a few pairs of jeans in with it at a low water level to get maximum agitation). Good luck!

If you have a large pot, you could boil some water on the stove and add it to the machine.