Felting and Yarn Question

I am considering making my first Booga Bag - and I love the Noro yarn they show in the pattern BUT - can’t find anything quite like it here in Australia (you’d think with 50 million sheep you could get anything you’d want). Here’s my question - I can find some nice multicolored yarns, but not something I like in 100% wool. As long as it is a natural fibre, will it still felt? (Such as silk and cashmere?) What should I be looking for to get great felting results? (Anyone who lives in Oz who reads this may be able to tell me exact brands to look out for.)

Hi! I’m in Canada, and love to felt things. I’ve not done the Booga, but have made other felted bags. It’s addictive! It must be pure wool in order to felt, although pure wool with some added fibers, like a strand of shimmer or something, will give an interesting result. Superwash wool will not felt, as it is treated so it won’t shrink, so it won’t shrink, which is what fulling, or felting is. I use Galway from Plymouth brand, and Classic Wool from Patons. Do you have those where you are? The best thing to do when you do find a wool, is to try a swatch to see how it felts. Galway keeps its colours well, which I like. So does the Patons wool. Good luck with this project. And prepare to become an addicted felter! :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll look for the 100% wool, then. We do have Patons, but it is the Australian version of the company and the yarns are quite different. I haven’t seen a varieagated (SP?) yarn by them that is 100% wool, but I’ll keep looking.

From my experience, a yarn needs to be AT LEAST 70% natural animal fibers, and NOT superwash, to felt.

Most animal fibers (including cashmere and alpaca but not silk) will felt, it does not have to be wool (although other fibers may take a little longer than wool).

Your best bet is to swatch a small piece, then you can get an idea of what it will take to felt it, plus see if you like the look.

I’m working on the Booga bag right now, and I’m using 100% wool. Try eBay for some great yarn stores and plenty of 100% wool selections. Good luck with the bag! :slight_smile:

I’m in New Zealand and Naturally’s Vero wool is similar to Noro, I know some Aussie places have Naturally wools. Also, Cleckheatons’ Aussie right? They recently brought out a line called Vintage Hues which also has similar gradations, both are wool and will felt. reasonable price.