Felting and gauge question

Hey all. I have a question for anyone who knows anything about felting…

I’m finishing up a baby blanket on that great Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that feels great but shows EVERYTHING. My gauge turned out to be bigger than it should, so that combined with unforgiving yarn and beginner’s errors makes for a lovely blanket with a few holes that is about 6" by 6" bigger (and thus looser) than it should be.

My questions:

  1. Would a “short” felting be a good way to shrink it just a little bit and maybe even out a few stitches, or is it a horrible horrible idea?

  2. If it’s a good idea, how long would you experienced felters recommend, and

  3. Would felting even work with such a low wool content (20%)?

Thanks for any advice! Happy knitting,


Kristin, do you have any yarn left over to knit a swatch, or did you do a gauge swatch that you could test with? I haven’t heard of cotton felting, per se, though it does shrink and that may help even things out a bit.

Just a thought…blind leading the blind here… :wink: