Felting and fuzzy bits

I’m nearing the point where I’ll be able to felt my first item. Woot!

I’ve read in some instructions that it’s best to place the item in a lingerie bag or a zippered pillow case to avoid tiny bits. Other instructions don’t include this tip. So my question is, does that only apply to certain yarns? I’m asking, because I have to use the washer at my friends house, I don’t want to mess up her machine, but I also want to get optimal agitation.

What do you think? Also, is there any chance of the wrong parts of the item felting together? That would be sad.

I’ve read several blogs where the person has talked about all the felt and wool bits they need to regularly pull out of the back of their machine. I think it great you are thinking of your friend and I would advise to use the bag. I’ve only seen one instance - and that was on here actually - where felting fused wrongly and it was a really strange and awful thing. I’ve never heard of that happening before. I just felted…sort of…a large rug and had no problems with that at all but yes, a reasonable amount of loose fibres and little pills etc.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

I’ll use the bag, because I’d feel really awful if something happened to her washing machine. Maybe we can throw in a couple pairs of heavy jeans to get proper agitation. I’m so excited!!

Oh yes…jeans are thumbs up for felting. I couldn’t use that (no access) and scrubbed and scrubbed like a demented woman…jeans would have been easier…and more effective.