Felting and fuzziness?

I have noticed in all the different photos of felted items, and on the felted items in my LYS, that there seems to be a lot of difference in the amount of fuzz on the finished item. Some have so much fuzz, they look like mohair or fun fur. Others have almost no fuzz at all.

Is this difference in fuzziness related to the type of wool used? The particular yarn and its individual characteristics? Does it have to do with the use of a bag/pillowcase, and whether or not jeans or other “agitators” are included? Do some of you use a fabric shaver on your felted items?

Tell me what factors or techniques have influenced your felting results, please!

My felting experience is limited, at best. I’ve only felted slippers with Cascade 220 so far. It’s not especially fuzzy. I think the fuzziness is directly related to the yarn used, though.

There are lots of felted things, fuzzy and not, that have been posted here, so I’m sure you’ll get a wealth of opinions.

I have to agree with the lamb (or sheep?!)…LOVE THE AVATAR :heart: ! I’ve found that different yarn felts differently, I’m thinking, just from my experience, that the more processed a yarn is, the lesser amt of fuzziness. I say this bc I bought some yarn strictly for felting bc it was itchy & cheap, then when I was knitting it I found a good deal of hay or something in it…leading me to think that is wasn’t very processed…but it WAS very fuzzy :smiley:

I haven’t done tons of felting, but I did use recycled Goodwill yarn (used to be a wool LL Bean sweater, 100% merino) to make a bag. It was so fuzzy I thought I would have to buy a new washing machine! Aarrgh.
On the other hand, I used some Knit Picks 100% merino, Sock Memories, for that felted bag on my website, and it didn’t fuzz at ALL. So I guess it really does depend on the yarn.

I bought a fabric shaver and use this to control how fuzzy my finished piece is.

I’m glad you said that, xstal. My bag is a little too fuzzy for me. I attempted going at it with a disposable, but it was slow going. I wondered if an electric would be ok, and thought it best to ask first.

To the OP - My first and only experience has been with Gedifra Cortina which felts fuzzy. Not terribly problematic tho (no problems in my washer - ack! Yvonne, that sounds scary, maybe cuz my washer is rented… :roflhard: ). Again - it’s my first time, so I can’t compare.