Felting and fun fur

I am thinking of felted bags for my sis and sil. I would like to trim it with fun fur. I would probably put it at the top icord. Now the question comes do I knit a double strand (yarn and fun fur and then felt? Do I need to attach the fun fur later? Should I try for something else?

I’ve never done it, but thought about it a few times and I believe the patterns I read the fun fur was knitted in and then felted. You could always make a guage square of yarn and fun fur to see if you like the way it turns out…

I made a purse with with fun fur, I knitted it 2 strand , one wool and other fun fur, after I sewed the sides together, I felted it.

Here it is, I have felted it a second time, so it shrunk just a little more and the stitches are not so noticable.

Wow thanks for the tips. Now I have some clue with what I am going to do. Ok not completely as I am cannabalizing my kitchen sink pattern to make them. :zombie: Let the fun begin:woot: