Felters help!

I found an adorable pattern for a felted hobo bag that calls for 100% wool. However, I fell in love with Lion Landscapes ( 50% ACRYLIC, 50% wool). My concern is the purse has a cabled section on the center front and back panels. I’m worried that the bright colors of my chosen yarn will hide tha cables. Do you think I can still use my Landscapes or should I go buy some 100% wool yarn? (Oh, bummer another yarn trip. ) :happydance:
Thanks for your help!

well first of all, landscapes felts horribly, if at all (no matter what Lion tries to say) so you will have a very mixed result. The acrylic part won’t felt at all, only the wool stuff.

as far as pattern…it is hard to say how well the cables will show. some variegated yarns show cables well others hide them a lot! test a swatch to see.

Oh dear. :!!!: Wellll does anyone know of a 100% wool yarn that has the color combinations like Landscapes? I absolutely looooove the colors!

I don’t know of any that are variegated quite like that. Paton’s Classic Woolhas some pretty colors though.

Here’s more to look through.

Oh I just saw this from Lion Brand. It will felt and it’s got pretty colors similar to Landscapes.

Thanks for the links. I like that Landscapes has 2 different colors twisted together. I saw the Patons yarn when I got the Landscapes, and some of the colorways are quite pretty. Maybe I’ll just make the purse in one bright color, maybe green or orange…

The Lion Wool has some very similar looking to Landscapes, but I don’t think it’s two yarns wound together… :thinking:

You will cry if you try to felt Landscapes, believe me!
Landscapes is a bulky yarn, so you could maybe duplicate the color variation by knitting two strands of worsted weight 100% wool together. You’d get good color variation and also a similar gauge. Look closely at the Landscapes you wanted to use, and go for a similar color combo in two different wools. You could use one variegated and one solid, maybe?

Oooh I like that idea! I think I’ll do that or maybe a solid orange or gray. I’ve decided to keep the landscapes and make a hat with it - no felting involved. :happydance: