I found the cutest pattern (I almost said recipe!) for slippers (without dpns!). However they have to be felted. Will the yarn say “felting yarn”? What are some good brands/types?

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Some yarn will… maybe? I did see a description of a yarn ‘for felting’ on joann’s website… so, I’m sure that SOME yarns will say this- but, don’t count it on, is what I’m trying to say.

However, look at the ‘care icons’ that are on the label… if it says not to wash in hot water or use a dryer… you can be assured that it will probably felt.

[B]Also, any wool that says: MACHINE WASHABLE will not felt![/B]

To felt… it doesn’t have to be 100% wool… but, the more wool it is- the better the results you’ll have.
Of course, I’m assuming you know that acylics and cottons won’t felt… just wool/animal yarns will.

My favorite yarn for felting is Cascade 220 - it comes ina zillion colors and felts like a dream. I also like Lion Barnad Wool - it says it is for felting on the label. I have used this with great results as well. If you have a Michaels near you it is on sale this week. Patons also makes Wool for felting but I was not as happy with the results - it felted “furrier” than the Lion Brand or the Cascade.

Felting is really fun - I have made a lot of felted items andI still love the feeling when you open the washing machine and it looks so different than when you put it in… Everything is huge before you felt it and you never think it is going to be right… and it always is.

Have fun!

I will go check out Micheals Wednesday!

I have never felted, but the instructions on the pattern said: do not panic, they will get smaller!


Looking at the care label is a great idea. I figured it was only wool, but then I got thrown by the washable wool.

Thank you for your help!:slight_smile:

and as a reminder :slight_smile: always make 2 test swatches. One to test your gauge and the other to felt to check what the shrinkage ratio will be. This isn’t soo much an issue with things like bags and purses, but for something like slippers it may be important. Depending on your gauge you may find that it shrinks more one way than the other. For clothes it’s a little more important. Although with felted slippers and clogs you can always sort of shape them to size when they are still wet.

Oooooooh will you share please?