Felted toy

I’m making a felted toy using my own pattern, but I’ve never made a felted toy before. Do you stuff the toy after it’s been felted, or before putting it in the wash to felt?

I think it depends on the pattern. Does it say?

I’m making my own pattern, and I’ve never felted a toy before, so I’m stumped. It is a narrowish tube, if that helps.

Well, I think for something like that you’d stuff it first. In fact I think you do in most cases. If you didn’t I think the tube would felt together and be useless. Just wanted to be sure what we were talking about here. :wink:

Ok, I’ve made several things (my own designs) and I stuffed them ‘lightly’ (you need to leave enough room for the shrinking/felting to happen-- otherwise, you’ll have HOLES in your felting and stuffing will show through in those areas… don’t ask me how I know… my first one was an experiment- and even though I thought that I hadn’t overstuffed it… it shrunk more than I thought it would and that was the result.)

ALSO… you do need to check things often… to make sure that it is felted but not distorted or shrinking too much either… (remember: the holes here and there and the stuffing showing through)

I’ve made cat toys for friend’s cats this way and several ornaments and they all worked out wonderfully-- except for the first one. :smiley:

Thanks guys!:cheering: