Felted tote WITH pockets - free pattern?

i can’t seem to find a free pattern for a tote bag with pockets. Has anyone seen one?

I like this pattern

so is it just a matter of knitting a square and sew it on the inside to make a pocket (for inside)???

Cute pattern. Yes, you can just knit a square, felt it and sew it on. I’d do an i-cord bindoff, though. Makes a stronger top edge.

Thank you Gina. Off to google what I cord bind off is, hopefully it’s not complicated as I am only on slow dial up here.

Here is a pattern on Knitty for a felted messenger bag that uses
the i-cord bind off. There are instructions for doing it included in
the pattern. :slight_smile:


What an awesome bag Libbie! Thanks for sharing the link! I wonder if my husband would use this for his laptop?


No problem! :slight_smile: It knits up really nice and actually fairly quickly, at
least for me. I made bright red one to use as a diaper bag on my
pram…not exactly the intended use but it was the perfect size!