Felted Stockinette Tote--will top curl?

I’m almost done knitting my first to-be-felted project (YAY)…a knitted circular tote that’s as big as a pillowcase!

My question is…the bottom will be seamed so no problem there…but will the top curl…since it is stockinette stitch? Or will the felting process take care of the curling of the stockinette? I don’t want to ruin this tote and have it permanently curled on top.

Thanks in advance,


you very well might have some curling, but nothing some good blocking shouldn’t take care of, or you can always add an I-cord to minimize the curling too. blocking should suffice though. hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Felting it should take care of the problem of curling because the stitches will become denser. What you might want to do is check it during felting to be sure that the top isn’t curled down and sticking to the side of the bag (I’ve had that happen).

you very well might have some curling, but nothing some good blocking shouldn’t take care of. Since the item will be wet when it is done felting, you have an opportunity to do all kinds of shaping as it dries and you can continue to shape it as it’s drying. That should take care of it or if you’re really worried, you can try adding an I-cord edge to minimize the rolling a bit. Blocking and shaping should suffice, though. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I will keep a close eye on it while felting, and be sure to shape it while it’s drying. I just didn’t want all that beautiful yarn and knitting time to go to waste by having it ruined.


If you haven’t bound off yet…I’ve found that doing an i-cord bind-off makes the edge look really nice. :smiley: It’s a bit more time consuming than a regular bind-off, but it’s a cool skill to learn!

No, I haven’t bound off yet. I had tried knitting a few rows of seed stitch at the top but didn’t like the look, and ripped it out after reading the responses here. I don’t know how to do I-cord bind off but will check it out at Amy’s video section, or elsewhere if she doesn’t have it.

Thanks for the idea!