Felted socks

Has anyone ever tried to make felted socks? Is this even plausible, or just a crazy idea. I need some feedback from some experienced felters!

well you can but i think you would mostly end up with something that most would call a slipper :shrug:

This is basically a sock pattern i think but felted.

i was thinking more for a man, a nice warm winter sock, i guess this could work?

I Think it wouldn’t be stretchy enough to be a nice sock…why don’t you make some socks in worsted weight yarn to make them good and cozy?

The problem with felted wool is that it doesn’t stretch. So if you felted a sock, it would have to be wide enough for the heel to fit through the whole sock, and that would sag or gap rather badly. I second Chrissie’s idea of making socks with worsted wool - that way, they’ll be nice and thick, but they’ll fit well.

The sock that brendajos pictured is VERY similar to the felted slipper socks in Cat Bordhi’s book on circular sock knitting. I made myself a pair according to her pattern, and it took two skeins of lopi yarn.

Btw, they are GREAT! Toasty warm.


All around BEST felted sock pattern. They are quick, easy, and WARM!
My husband calls them heater socks.
I use one strand of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky

I like it! Do you have a picture of a finished pair?

this is very cool, it was my boyfriend that was requesting them, i think this might work. My only problem is where is the actual sock pattern that you speak of, this just seems to be instructions of what to do with the socks afterwards.

you guys have been a great help[/quote]

also, is there a good website to be buying this yarn?