Felted Smart Phone Cover

My first felted project came out great…and it fits!! :woohoo:

Here’s the before and after pictures. You’ll have to trust me that it fits perfect…I can’t find the cord to my regular camera, so I had to use my phone to take the pictures. It’s the new Verison Fantasy…which I LOVE.

It’s on a 6" x 9" board (to show the size). Before and after wth the flap open, then before and after with the flap closed. I haven’t put a button on it yet…not sure what I want to use yet.

I used Pattons Classic Wool, Marino, Color is Natural Mix

Now I can’t wait to do a full size bag!!:happydance:

That is so cool!

Looks like it turned out great! Congrats on your first felting experience! :yay:

Congrats!! It looks perfect! Isn’t felting addictive? :slight_smile:

Yup, it sure is…I’ve already got yarn for more!:knitting: