Felted slipper pattern

i have been searching for a felted slipper pattern for ds who’s 5
i need a pattern thats for a younger boy (10+ i think as he has large feet).

i have searched and found 1, knitted it and it’s awful.

anyone made one that works please?


The felted clogs are very popular around here. They come in adult and children sizes. It’s not free, but it’s only $5. I also noticed on their site that they have a felted boot-like slipper, too.

A few free ones I have bookmarked -
These are not felted, but come in two sizes. If you made the adult ones you could probably ‘gently’ felt them to fit.

These come in several sizes -

thank you both so much

i’m going for http://www.knittingatnoon.com/slipperpatt.html, they are now on the to do list as an asap one for ds

thank you again there perfect :yay:

Oh good, do post a pic when you finish! I’ve always wanted to do them, too. :thumbsup: