Felted Slip Ons

I was at www.Lionbrand.com yesterday and searched for free knitting patterns. [U][B]Felted Slip Ons[/B][/U] for children -adults was one of the first patterns to choose from.

I don’t have the link now or I would have posted it. They look like they would be a fun project and thought others might like the pattern. They would make a great Christmas gift.

I went and got the link for those interested.

Oh I like those! My ankles get cold so scuffs don’t work for me. I’ll give these a try for winter. Thanks!

You’re welcome Jan.

So cute! Nice to have all sizes.

Has anyone knit these?

I’ve not knitted these , but I have knitted one pair of clogs . I love them. I really like these too. I wonder how hard they will be to knit. The first time I made mine I had a knitting instructor guiding me with every stitch.

O.K. I can’t wait any longer. Going to put this on needles this weekend. Good thing it’s a long one, I might even get them done. Will keep you all posted.

I have not made these. Knowing how well everyone liked the felted clogs, when I came across this pattern I had to share it. I figured there would be several that would what to try them. They should make great gifts for Christmas.

Please post a picture if you make them since the one on the website is small and not that easy to see.