Felted rat

thats what Carrigan calls it!

LOL, that’s too cute :smiley:

:rofling: LOL my cat would love that with cat nip inside LOL to cute great job

It’s a lot cuter than the other one! Great job!

How funny! It’s so cute!

Dustina~ it does have catnip in it!!! my sisters cat got and she said she tore it up!

Carmell that is adorable! :inlove: :inlove:

ok, I have a friend with mice in his garage that he had been trying to get rid of. A felted rat would be great to gag him with … How did you make this? I have two kids standing here dying to know how htey can make one of these for their Dad.

My dog would LOVE that - he already tried to claim one of my clogs as his!!!

Any pattern or did you make that up? Very creative!

Poor Cricket…You’ll just have to make him some toys!!

i took a ball of pillow stuffing and wraped it with felting fiber and needle felted it into a shape of a mouse. then needle felted some ears, eyes, mouth, and tail on to it! very easy. i put the catnip in the pillow fiber… i actually took some stuffing out of my cushion on my couch…i forgot i used it all on the dog bed so i didn’t have any! :oops:

:roflhard: Omgosh how cute is THAT!!! I never thought I’d be saying what an adorable rat, LOL!

Too cute! Pooey Foosums would love that!

VERY cute :inlove: !!! Brava, Carmell :cheering: !!!