Felted Purse?

Ok I got this pattern for a felted purse very easy it’s done in stockinette stitch all the way however I do have a question. This is done on size 10 circs and I have never used circs before so in this pattern the first line is cast on 52, then next line is join into round being careful not to twist.

Ok I understand not to twist but what is “join into round”?

Then of course the next and last line is knit in stockinette until you have 10 feet of yarn left.

Thank you! :heart:

What they want you to do is actually join your work into a complete circle, so your next stitch is the first one you cast on.

You want to make sure that your cast on stitches are not spiraled around the circular needle before you start knitting. Make sure they are all lined up straight, otherwise you’ll start knitting a twisty tube, like a mobius strip.

Thank you ladies. That is what I thought but I wanted to ask before I started. Have a great day.

When you want to join your working yarn will be coming from the right needle. When working in the round the needles are closest to you and the work is away from you. That will make sure you are working on the outside of the circle. :wink: