Felted Purse Pattern Question

Happy Friday All :slight_smile:

I’m making a purse out of one of the books I bought. It’s an easy pattern but I have a question…It reads as follows:

At the beginning - Work 14 rounds in garter stitch (got it)
1 Decrease Round ( I did that)
1 Increase round - Knitting into front and back then…

Change needles and knit until piece measures…

Does this mean I just knit every round until the piece measures the appropriate length or do I return to doing the “Garter Stitch”?

Thanks in advance :notworthy:

Is it knit in the round? If so then I would think you just knit which would be stockinette.

Ugg…My posts keep disappearing…

So the pattern of the purse changes from garter to stockinette is what it sound like? Because it’s felted in the picture I can’t see a pattern change.

Thanks for your help!

I would knit every row

mee too

since it’s felted, it doesn’t REALLY matter and it sounds like you’re supposed to knit every row.

Thanks all. Have a great weekend!