Felted Puppies

I was making my daily check of cuteoverload.com when I came across these felted dogs that they linked to Etsy. I thought they were really neat, they look just like the actual dogs!

THOSE ARE AWESOME !!! Thankyou for the link !!!



Those are amazing!

I saw that on cuteoverload as well, they’re so cute!:heart:

[SIZE=1]I’m a huge fan of cuteoverload too, Kaydee! [/SIZE] :teehee:

Those are just adorable! I would love to commission one in memory of my GSD. I wonder how I could get that expense past hubby’s checkbook-scrutinizing eye…:think:

Well I was reading the comments of the people said her husband laughed when she ordered it but was amazed when it came.

My dog would attack it and shred it into little tiny pieces. She’s a little on the odd side!


Those are amazing and hilarious! :heart::heart:

She does cats, too!