Felted pumpkin

My very sweet brother went to visit a friend who owns a knitting store and she told him that he had to buy this pattern and yarn for me! Well, he did and here’s the finished piece! This was my second attempt at felting.


I love it! That is SUCH an adorable pumpkin, and what a great brother for buying you the supplies.

Oh how cute.

I love it.

That’s very cute, I’d like one also.

HEY thats really cute! I espeacially love the vine type leaf!

Very NICE! :thumbsup:

Cute! And finished before the appropriate holiday–if I can manage that for Christmas I’ll be happy.

Very cute!

How lovely ! And all ready for the big day too.

I love it too!! Great job!

Could you share where you got the pattern? The name of it? What book it’s located in??? Etc. Thanks!:slight_smile:

Very cute!

I’wouldratherbeknitting~Sure! My brother bought it at a LYS in St. Peter Minnesota caled the tangled skein. The pattern is a 8 page booklet called Wooly Pumpkin. It looks like it was designed by a woman named Marie Mayhew. It looks like her address is in MN. Let me know if you need any more details.


That is to cute!!! What a great brother :thumbsup:

That’s so cute! :inlove: You did a great job and :thumbsup: to bro’

Your felted pumpkins came out cute.

HEre is a FREE pattern that I found for some…


They look cute too.:woot: