Felted Needle Case

So for a swap I decided to attempt a few new knitting techniques, namely dying yarn and felting an object. Following are a few pix of the finished object, a travel knitting needle case for my swap partner’s DPNs (which is what she knits with most of the time). A couple of her noted fave colors were aqua and pink (hence the color choices for this case…the pix of the case closed up is the correct color - my camera and I weren’t getting along very well so other pix are “off” on the colors)

I realize I should have felted it a little more as you can still see some of the stitches on the finished product but I chickened out AND was running out of time so… overall I’m quite happy with the end result. Just wanted to share with all you guys.

A few more pix and stuff regarding this project can be seen on my blog (second post on page one under the sharing of our nightmare story about my 3yo DD’s playing beauty shop… yup… you know where that story is going alright…)

Very pretty x

That is lovely , I am sure your swap partner is very pleased to recieve such a thoughtful gift:)

what a great idea! I would love to make something like this.

My older daughter cut her own bangs when she was three, too–is this a 3-year-old rite of passage? My other is almost three–I’d better lock up the safety scissors!

What a really cute idea! You should be like Silver and sell these. You’d make a mint. Great job!!! Lucky swappee!

You should make it so that it rolls up and fits into small knitting bags (like Silver’s). You could put a little velcro button on it to keep it closed. Just a suggestion for you…

How nice!!

that came out so pretty. i love the rhinestone embelishment

Thanks, everyone! So, I thought about making it a “roll” after the fact. Maybe if I do another one sometime, I’ll make it a little wider and try that. As for the rhinestone monogram, I wanted to personalize the case for my partner but was out of time for doing any embroidery. I was tickled, however, at how the initial turned out.

The GROOVIEST thing about this case is that the ENTIRE thing was from yarn, koolaid, thread, stones etc that I had around the house… Talk about a little stash busting!!!

that’s preeetty! good job!

:inlove: I love that…you did a great job and your swap partner is going to love it!!

Happy stash busting, happy swapping, how much better could it get? (smile)

How cute and practical


That is just lovely!! And so thoughtful, using her favorite colors and all. It looks felted just right to me-she is going to love it!!!

I want one now. :mrgreen:

What a cute case! Now I wanna make one . . .lol What a sneaky way to get me interested enough to waste more time at work reading your blog too :rofl:

Very cute, the monogram really sets it off.

What a great swap gift. Everyone likes receiving something home made. Put a feather in your hat and wear it proudly, great idea.

What a great project! and it turned out so cool!! Congrats on the stashbusting too!

Pretty and useful–great combination!