Felted my Booga bag - now I have a question

I did it - I felted my Booga bag made with my Noro yarn - it looks lovely but I have a question - when you hold it up to the light, you can still see through it - I ran it through 5 times! Is this as good as its going to get? Its already dry - can I run it through again? I’m afraid to run it through again after its dry - my friend suggested I just line it. I doubled up on the bottom and that felted beautifully - nice and thick.

Any suggestions?

I think you could run it through again if you wanted. Lining it should help anyway. I’m not a felting expert at all (only felted one thing so far) so wait for someone else to give a more detailled answer.

becjo, did you throw anything else in the washer with the bag while you were felting it? I like to use about 3 ratty bath towels. It adds agitation and helps it felt up.
And yes. you can felt it again.
There’s a pretty good tutorial on felting at knitty.
It says not to use towels though because if they are prone to leaving fuzzy stuff laying around, that fuzzy stuff will end up in your felted object.

I put in the washing machine along with my bag (which I had in a pillow case) a floor mat. It said put something in heavy. I also added 2 tennis balls to sort of beat things up. I may take my bag up to the LYS and see what they say about it. I know next time I make it, I’m doubling up on the yarn though so its nice and thick and sturdy.

I’m also going to experiment some too - I have some Lamb’s Pride that I bought to make some felted flowers so I’ll try some small pieces and see what happens

I just felted my first booga bag last night. I used cascade 220 instead of the noro. I put at least 4 pairs of very old jeans in with it. It took about 4 times through the wash cycle to get it where I liked it.