Felted Mittens

Does Anyone know a pattern for felted mittens? I used to have one but can’t find it. It used Lamb’s Pride, 1 Skein, and 10-11 US DPN. I can find alot of unfelted one’s but want really really warm mittens. Any advice?

I know there is a pattern for felted mittens in Knit One, Felt too… but I don’t know what kind of yarn it calls for!

I hope that helps!




I just googled felted knitting patterns and here are three that came up.

When I do felted mittens, I do the cuff in regular UN-FELTED ribbing. I makes the mitten fit better and allows for some variation in size if it is a gift. I used cotton yarn or string about the same size as the yarn I’m knitting with. I knit a few rows before starting the mitten. Then I change to the real yarn and knit the mitten. After they are felted, (of course the cotton yarn does not felt) I take out the string and pick up stitches through the holes that are left by the non-felting yarn. Then I knit a regular ribbing. This whole thing takes longer to explain than to do. But it works!

Good luck with your mittens :thumbsup:

Karen W.

OooooOOO so the cotton or whatever non felting yarn justholds a place in the felted yarn so you can go back and pick up stiches with the feltinng yarn but non felted ribbing… OK this is wierd, I don’t think I’m saying it right but I get it

That’s brilliant!!! Wow. I’m impressed! I’m going to bookmark that one.

The pattern in Knit One, Purl Too has cuffs that are unfelted. They are sewn in after the felting is done. That pattern is on my Knitpicks list.