Felted mitten HELP! QUICK!

HI all,

I have just made the ‘Lana’ felted mitten pattern from Bernat. Really easy. one of those ‘tear away - note pad’ type free patterns from my LYS.

I have felted, they shrank perfectly, BUT>… the ribbing around the wrist is stretched and wide.

anything I can do in the drying phase to make them fit? I was thinking about tying them around a papertowel roll or something?

or inserting a ribbon ‘draw cord’ after wards??

any help?


I think that even if you could get it to dry unstretched, when you go to put it on it will stretch out again. I don’t think that ribbing has the same qualities once felted that it normally does. I wonder if you could sew some elastic to the inside of the cuffs, or sew some elastic thread through the cuff edge?

[color=blueviolet]I don’t think there is anything you can do. I think that’s just the nature of the beast. I’ve made 2 pairs of felted mittens and they are both like that. Next time you can try to making them with an unfelted cuff. I would have done that but I don’t think it would have look good because I used a strand of light pink with a strand of dark pink. I think it would have looked weird with the felted part looking all nice and marble-ly and the cuff not looking that way.[/color]

Well CRAP because these are/were for a christmas gift. :!!!:

I have currently tied them around pop cans and once they are dry I will hope for the best.

I am soooooooooooooo P O’ed. … I don’t really have time to add something else to them.

do you think it possible to turn them inside out and knit an ‘inner cuff’ inside them that would hold them on? kind of like a gaiter of sorts?

You can knit a cuff and then stitch it into the inside of the mitten (with sewing thread). I made a pair from “Knit One, Felt Too”. They are really cute with the extra cuff!

so I would have to knit the cuff first and then insert it into the mitten. Where do I attach it? just at the top of the wrist? closest to hand?

also, would the cuff just be a perfect tube with no increase/decrease? or would it be a bit wider near the hand?

Thanks for your help!

HI all,

I just wanted to add a couple of links to this post as I have searched for felted mittens with a knitted cuff and I came up with a few.

I LOVE this one and am doing it now

But I also found this one that looks good too!

Yay!!! sloppy cuff on felted mitten problem solved!!!

You can just knit a ribbed tube and attach it… no incs or decs, becaus eyou want it to stretch. Great suggestion Sara! I made (ahem… cough… started and didn’t finish…) those mittens too! They were my first non-scarf project.

[color=blueviolet]LOL!!! You do realize that’s the same pattern I linked to the other day right??? I can’t wait to make another pair with the stretchy cuff and the FT pattern.[/color]

Sorry, I didn’t see this yesterday. If you put the mitten on, the bottom of the cuff should be sewn in right about at the junction of the wrist and hand. Then you can estimate how long you want the inside cuff to be and decide whether you want the cuff to show or be hidden inside the felted part.

I know you already had some patterns, but I thought I should clarify for our readers. :teehee:

HI Jessi!

Yes, I do realize it now! sorry… I missed the link in your first post!!! Thanks for helping me earlier… even though I didn’t realize it! ha!

This happened to me once and I just took matching yarn and stitched a running stitch around inside the wrist area, tied it off & wove the ends in. It worked fine.

Following that experience though, I came up with a new way to do my cuffs:
When I get to the wrist area I go down to a little needle, like size 1 or 2 and do k2/p2 ribbing for about 8 rows.
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