Felted Lucy Bag

I’m interested in making a large felted Lucy Bag. Does anyone know where I can get the pattern? Also, has anyone made one?


Google searched and found this right off the bat. :teehee:


It apparently gives directions for both large and small since it gives the gauge for both.

sarah_jayne has made several of these… Andrea has made 1 or 2 as well (i started one)

I was able to pick up the pattern at my LYS…and I’ve knit 4 of them…so far and I have yarn for the 5th one. They are a great, easy, mindless knit!

I’ve only made the large one, but the patterns are so similar and easy to modify for handle length.

Feel free to ask questions!

[color=blue]Kathy, I ordered my pattern from http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternFinder.fcgi. I have made 2, one out of fishermens yarn and one Malabrigo… (mmm loved :heart: knitting that one lol). I am sure any questions you might have will be cheerfully answered by the folks here.

anne [/color]

Thanks Anne. I just ordered the same one (a kit). How did the light color felt up?

I can’t wait to get mine :slight_smile:

Kathy, :cheering: The yarn that comes with the kit felted a bit more slowly than the Malabrigo. I used that as my experiment bag lol :teehee: and then knitted the other for my daughter. I also found that the strap was a bit short, so added a few rows to the second one. They are fun! Good luck! :hug:

anne [/color]