FELTED knitted wine bottle cozy

I just saw this beautiful wine bottle cozy that was hand knitted and felted. But the store didn’t have the pattern. The lady said it was on-line. I’ve searched and can’t find anything to my liking. It covers to the neck of the wine bottle and on the outside of the bottle, there are grapes and vines (don’t know if it’s felted onto, or done afterwards). A pattern would be great if anyone would know where to look. THANKS!

This the only one I found that resembles what you’re talking about.

Almost… but not quite. The one I saw didn’t have a tie, or bunch up on the neck. It was nice because it was like a canister. Now that I’ve been searching more (even though I still haven’t found anything like it), has grape vines also felted into the holder. It’s just round like a tall bowl without any ties or handles. It was so neat. I wonder if the store will allow me to take a picture and I can post… but then I’ll have to figure out how to attach pictures!
THANKS. I’ll still keep searching…

It sounds like the grapes, etc might have been done with needle felting. I’ve never done that, but found this video looks like a good demonstration.

I found this one that’s fitted at the top but not felted. It’s in a book, not free. Sorry, I could only find it on ravelry (free to join)

Here’s a free one, but not felted:
and again, you’d have to put your grape design on yourself.