Felted join

I am using Regia sock yarn that is 75% wool and misread the pattern and made my one sock too short - the yarn ends don’t seem to be felting together…am I doing something wrong or is the nylon going to prevent a felted join?

If I can’t do a felted join, any other ideas on how to extend the toe of my sock, I really don’t want to weave in ends in the toe…

Almost all sock yarn is treated with a chemical that makes them machine washable. It’s usually called ‘superwash’ on the label. Any yarn that is machine washable or called superwash will not felt.

The russian join may work but I think sock yarn may be too thin…? You may have to just add in and end up weaving in ends.

Move the join so it will be on top of your toes (so you’re not stepping on it when you walk) you probably won’t be able to feel where you weave it in.

I agree. Most sock yarn isn’t feltable so you’ll have to weave in the ends.