Felted Join

:cheering:I just did my very first felted join! Some day this won’t be a big deal but today for me and my hubby it was awesome. When I got to the end of my ball, I put on a little magic show where I took two strands and channeled the power though my hands to make them one!:rofling: It didn’t take the first time so my magic trick finale looked more like a comedy skit, but I got it on the second time around!:lol:

Congartulations !! I always get a kick out of accomplishing new

Don’t you just love it. It’s so great to finish a project and have no ends to weave in.


I did my first about a month ago and I was amazed!! It was so cool and I had to show off to DH. :thumbsup: It is like a magic trick.


I tried this once myself but failed. :waah:

It won’t work with acrylic. Not sure about cotton or silk.

I tried it once with acrylic. Too bad no one caught me on tape cuz my frustration made for great comedy. :lol: I felt like Wonder Woman when it worked with wool.