Felted join

I’ve tried joining the yarn I’m using (100% new wool) using the felted join, but it won’t join. I tried twice, and I did everything according to Amy’s video. Does that mean the yarn I’m using can’t join, even though it’s wool?

Is it “superwash” or “washable” wool? If so it WON’T join. You can only use this type of join with wool that is not superwas or washable. Beleive me, I KNOW:oops::oops::oops:. It is my FAVORITE type of join when the yarn is right.

Ahh so that’s why it won’t join. It’s superwash.

If I want to felt join I look for “hand wash” on the label.

Try the Russian join for a sturdy and unobtrusive join?

I’ve never had much luck with a Russian join, it never seems to hold. :frog:

don’t ask me how, but i got this type of join to work with knitpicks superwash. perhaps it was my ignorance. :wink:

Well the felted join and the russian join are pretty much the same except that the felted is well… felted. So if you have a yarn that has enough strands and do the russian join then felt it but it doesn’t felt well just the fact that you wove it back through itself will create a join. Does that make sense???:rollseyes: