Felted join

Has anyone ever had a felted join come undone?
One this site it has a little different version of Amy’s

I have been doing Amy’s but am nervous about it coming undone after it is washed so I have been overlapping two inches. The only thing is I can feel where the join is because it is a little thicker. Amy does not cut half the plys. I cant tell on this site if she is felting the entire join or just the two little ends that are sticking out. Can you understand which part she is felting? :?? I am a little bit of a perfectionist but I guess you all ready know that since I keep cutting my work. :teehee:

I’ve never had one come undone. I havne’t watched the video for a while, but what I do is fray both ends of the yarn so that when you put them together you get a nice mingling of the plys.

do you cut any of the plys? How much overlap do you do?

I wonder if that is a new video? :?? I could swear I’d learned from her, but I don’t do it that way! :??

I split the plys about 1.5-2 in and cut off the thinnest ply on both ends. I then wet them (I use spit :oops: ) and then lay them together and fold them over each other then I felt them in my hands. I’ve never had one come undone. I wonder if I’m doing it wrong… :??

I do about the same as Jan. I don’t really think there is a “wrong” way to do it. I think all cutting a few of the frays off would do is reduce the bulk. Leaveing both ends intact thogh has never made the join so bulky for me that it is too noticable.