Felted join with Berroco's Pure Merino? >>>

This yarn is sort of rolled (plied) in a way that makes me wonder if I shouldn’t splice then felt.

Any ideas?

I’m used to doing felted joins with yarns like Lamb’s Pride or Malabrigo, something that doesn’t looks like individual strands twisted together like Pure Merino and Tahki Torino.

Anyone ?

I would try it - what have you got to lose?

Any wool that is NOT Superwash should work for a felted join. I don’t know what they do to make wool washable, but since the yarn doesn’t felt when washed, it doesn’t felt for joining.

i seem stupid, but what in THE WORLD is a felted join?

When you’re using wool yarn and you need to join two skeins or when there’s a knot in the skein and you need to join it you can dip each end in water and rub them together on something like your jeans to felt them together. It’s also called “spit felting”. Check out Amy’s video- it’s my favourite join.

oh thanks! makes sense now. :giggle: