Felted jacket pattern / experiment

After much deliberation on my yarn fiasco I have decided to use it to make a felted jacket. Its not the project I wanted but I have the perfect yarn for it. (see my thread on how not to buy yarn in general knitting)

Can any one suggest a felted jacket pattern? I really like free patterns :smiley: (Im still wanting to save for a spinning wheel)

I am even willing to wing it without a pattern if someone can give me a rough idea of what to shoot for. How big does a pre-felted jacket have to be? Is it best to knit large and loose with big needles. or is it better to stick close to the right guage for the yarn and just knit big?

I am suggesting a boxy jacket - roughly hip length. I can shape the arm holes but Im a bit fuzzy on how to shape the top of the sleeve.
I am about a 36 in the bust - wider in the hip (40 yikes! - but I wear it well) v- neck, round neck - it makes no difference.

I think I could actually get excited about doing this. Pretty colored wool - pewter buttons. Maybe even a bit of contrasting embroidery around the button placket and neck line eh?

Go ahead - post your ideas on how to do this jacket without a pattern.
Ill make it an experiment! :smiley:

It boggles my mind to think of how big a felted jacket would have to start out. It’s my understanding that part of the felting process is to have large, loose stitches so they can rub against each other.

I did see a pattern for a blanket that was partially felted, so maybe that’s an option–either the blanket or the partial felting of a jacket.

I can’t give you any suggestions on how big to make it, just that it would have to be huge, I think.

http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/CH13x.html For kids

http://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/WP02.html For adults

Thanks for the ideas Ingrid. Answer girl! :smiley:

I have a swatch using 10.5 needles in the dryer right now. We shall see.
Thankfully I dont need it very long. Im a shorty!

Once I started on the idea though it seems like a good one. I think since it is an experiment I will stick with a garter stitch.

I did some art work for my husband that uses horses patterned after the neolithic caveman art of France (real name escapes me at the moment).

I thought it might be fun to use this same art and needle felt some horses over the back of the jacket. Of course - fun may not be practical.
I am determined to spend as little as possible finishing this project!

Mind boggling numbers -

A swatch using a single strand (about sport weight) on a 10.5 needle

Knitted at 20 stitches x 26 rows = roughly 6 x 4 inches.

Washed it is 4.5 x 2 inches. Meaning about 30% loss in width and 50% loss in length.

So a jacket front aimed to be about 12 inches wide (one side only) X 24 long
Has to be -ready for this? 18 x 48 pre felted.

or 60 st x 624 rows. Of course I could also knit it side to side. Major shrink is on the width. But it would hang better the other way!

Is there a knitting fairy in the house?

That’s a lot of stitches for an experimental pattern! :shock:

Uh huh!

Im thinking hand bag :lol:

Did you make the jacket? I want to make one and need some tips.
How big to knit etc. Thanks Donnaleigh

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