Felted IPod Cozy

Made a few of these for friends, etc. Easy pattern, quick knit and fun.

cute! i wish i had the guts to try felting

Very nice! I love the color and the beautiful button. :yay:

I really really really love these I-pod cozies! And thanks for the pattern, too!

Love those colors! :muah:


Cute n lovely but i hve never try the felting process…dont know y …maybe with the thought of ruining it.

Candace (and all you felting virgins out there), you should try it! It’s very addicting and so much FUN!! Love this little iPod cozy. :yay: It would be a great first project to felt. It’s very small and wouldn’t take much time or yarn. I’ve been in the mood lately to felt. Just need to come across that perfect purse pattern and I’ll have to abandon all other projects to get it done.

Nice job :thumbsup: I really like that button! I should make some of those for DD and her friend’s for Christmas…they don’t take as good care of their Ipods as they should!

Thanks everyone.
Actuallly, this pattern is so darn easy that it can be done in very little time. The felting process was super easy. I (actually DH) made a little template out of a small stack of cardboard covered with packing tape the size of an IPod, Iphone and normal cell phone. When the cozy looks like it’s felted small enough, I just stuffed the template inside and let it dry that way so it had more defined edges. Here’s more of them I’ve done. I’ve become a cozy maniac.:roflhard:

Ooh, I really like them! The colors and buttons are wonderful!

Your ipod cozies are great! Thanks for the pattern. I just got an iphone a couple of weeks ago and sometimes if it’s going to be banging around in my purse instead of in my pocket, I worry about scratching the touch screen all up, and I’ve been known to stick it in a little sock :aww: :teehee: I think I’d be a little less dorky-looking if I had a cool cozy to put it in instead (although I love to tease my husband and daughter about my I-sock :cool:

I second the don’t-be-afraid-of-felting sentiment. My very first project was a booga bag, and it felted just fine! Although I will admit that after I finished knitting it I didn’t get around to felting it for a good 2 or 3 weeks – maybe I was a little afraid of what might happen too. Just be sure to peek into the washer often - once it starts felting it can go pretty quickly.