Felted Ipod Cozy from KP anyone?

i already ordered it with my WOTA stuff, but wondering if anyone has this already. the regular size ipod is pictured, but was curious if the smaller sizes were included also. thanks! :slight_smile:

haven’t tried it but have been looking for a good pattern so you’ll have to let me know how it goes…

I haven’t seen the particular pattern, but I wouldn’t think it would be too hard to resize or compensate. :smiley:

Heck, making your own pattern isn’t that difficult either, if things don’t turn out right. I ended up getting a RAZR cell for christmas and was having a heck of a time trying to find a case for it and just ended up knitting a cozy by just measuring my work on my phone. :slight_smile:

i was kinda thinking that too, just using the pattern for a base. but then i thought, do i want to bother knitting a felted cozy for a teensy weensy nano anyway? yeah, i think i do. :wink: it’s really for a friend’s big one anyway, so no loss either way. thanks! :slight_smile:

this is going to sound random…I saw a great ipod case on someone’s blog–I didn’t try it but someone else on the board did and said it came out great. I love it b/c it includes a pocket for the ear buds–it’s not felted though. If you want to search for it (this is the random part) google the words chocolate vodka and ipod or just go to this link:


that is cute!!! lion has a similar one at their site using microspun that i tried briefly, only sans pocket, but that would be easy enough to add. the socks like that direct from mac are like $30 or something ridiculous.

i have a little nano too and i’d be interested in a pattern for it!

yah–I don’t do the socks from apple…I made a sock for my sil of my own design for Christmas but it was the ugliest thing ever–the guage was all wrong–it didn’t fit the ipod snugly enough. :frowning:

That looks cute - I think I’ll make it for my DD’s Ipod. Just what I need … another reason to go to the Knitpicks website. :rollseyes:

[color=blueviolet]Nano owners/knitters unite!!! I should have my nano back soon. I’m having it colorwared. The body is ‘Smoke’ and the clickwheel, sides, and back is ‘Cotton Candy’. I’m going to try and adapt the chocolate vodka sock for the nano. I’m not sure if I will be successful because I’ve never adapted a pattern before but I’m gonna give it a shot.[/color]

I knit a cozy for my nano, I didn’t use a pattern. Just made it up as I went.

I used bulky silk yarn, cast on 7 st (about the width of a nano, adjust depending on yarn/gauge) on #7 needles and knit garter stitch until it was long enough to fold over itself and fit the nano inside. Then cast off, fold it onto itself, stitch up the sides and turn it right side out. It ends up being the same shape as the little pleather case it comes with, only thicker and more protective.

But, honestly don’t waste your time, this thing…

is way better than anything knittable and it’s not to expensive. I have one and it is GREAT. it’s only a hair larger than the nano itself, it’s practically indestructible and provides serious protection without blocking any of the controls.

[color=blueviolet]I have the iSkin Duo case for when I’m going out. It’s a great case. I have it in Blush Rush. It even glows in the dark.[/color]

mrtea, too funny! i ordered that on ebay same time i ordered the nano! glad to read good reviews! :slight_smile: I just wanted the felted thing for fun really, virtually useless.

I LOVE the Iskin Duo, but I am just so not willing to pay that at the moment. I read the nanos nick pretty easily, so I went with something fast and cheap. I near had a coronary just buying the nano even getting $100 off on it. i got a silicone skin and that metal armor plus screen protectors and an armband for less than half of what the Duo goes for on ebay. of course, no cute little apple logo, but hey, rubber is rubber. Will I buy a Duo eventually anyway just because it’s so freakin cute? Probably. :wink: Acid groove and arctic frost are both totally hot like fiyah.

you guys just got way too cool for me…

I knitted KP’s felted iPod holder last summer or fall. It’s for the iPod MINI which is what my daughter has. I like it because you can wear it around your neck and be hands-free. I believe the width of the pattern should be easily adjustable for other iPod sizes.


i got one for Christmas and i love it too!

i have the Carbon Blast. =)

[color=blueviolet]That’s so cool. I mean we’re both knitter’s, we both have nanos, and we both have iSkin Duos. We are too cool.[/color]

[color=blueviolet]I’m reviving this thread to let ya’ll know that there is a felted iPod nano cozy that’s worn around the neck in the new Knit.1 magazine. The Spring 2006 will be out on newsstands on Feb. 14.[/color]

I adapted this pattern from AlterKnits (a GREAT book) - it was originally for a PDA but it was easy to resize for an iPod. I love the little handle attached at only one end - I can slip it through a belt loop and button it shut. (*note WIP sweater for DH at lower right corner :smiley: )

[color=blueviolet]That’s cute! Great Job! :thumbsup: [/color]