Felted Hedgehog!

I got the new patternworks catalog today------it is full of the cutest felted items!! There is a “huggable hedgehog” kit— I know that there was talk about looking for knit hedgehog a while back. :thumbsup:

Maybe mine will come today, too! I love that catalog. So many yarns to :drool: over!

OMG, what a great dog toy that would make!

Our neighbor’s dog goes through a LOT of hedgehogs.

GAH!!! :shock: :help:

-hh :hiding:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Don’t worry, hedgie - the dog is a jack russell/pug mix; besides, unless your body parts include a squeaker, you’re safe. He only attacks the squeaky ones.

I got my catalog on Saturday and bookmarked that page! I emailed Patternworks today to find out if they are going to sell the pattern separate from the kit. I haven’t heard back yet though.


fellow KHer rmturtle showed me the finished hedgehog at Stitches in Feb at the YarnBarn booth. they were out of the pattern at the show, but I found it on their site:
hedgehog pattern.

I saw that, and it’s adorable!

Is there a picture???

Patternworks has such cute felted animal kits:

I bought a white cat kit (they no longer sell it) where you make the cat then the pajamas for it to wear. I have not made it yet, but plan to this summer as a Christmas present. The prices are not bad for the kit unless you have yarn already in your stash.


Yippee!! I love hedgehogs! I wish I lived in England so I could see them in the wild.

You’d have to like staying out late with a torch/flashlight… they’re nocturnal, iirc.

a co-worker is making the hedgehog and it is so cute. It is now on my to do list

HOw hard is it to make? I’ve never done felting. At best I’m a beginning- intermediate knitter. I’m making my 5 yr old daughter a cardigan, but I think she’d rather have the hedgehog.

I finally ordered the pattern from Yarn Barn today.

acmesarah: if the felting method called for in the pattern is the same as most felted bags, the felting part is the easy part (basically wash in small amount of hot water). when I get the pattern I’ll be able to tell you more. my concern with this pattern is the shaping. but I think if you can make a cardigan, you can make this.

I can’t wait to order the Patternworks catalog!! I don’e believe I’ve ever seen that site online–thanks!!

Omigod–I saw that hedgehog at Maryland Sheep & Wool, and almost cried whent he vendor said every stall was sold out! :frowning:

But then we realized it wasn’t really true…one other stall had it, but used different yarns from the first guy’s stall, and there was such a huge difference that I decided not to buy a kit. So, I’m waiting to find it as a pattern on its own, too.

It’s sooooooo cute in real life!!!