Felted heart bowl

I found one place on the Net that had this. The pattern was called
Heartfelt wishes bowl. The darn blog where it was posted had ended
and like a ditz, I didn’t save the page, just bookmarked it.

Anyone know of any heart shaped felted bowl pattern out there?
Gladly pay for a pattern, doesn’t have to be free or does anyone have
a copy of this pattern?

Darn, Valentines day snuck up on me.

If you still know the URL try using the “Wayback Machine” to find the archived pages.

Wayback Machine

Wasn’t in there but thanks for the info! I will bk that link.


How bout this?

[color=red]Heart Shaped Bowl[/color]

Scroll down on the side until you see Heartfelt Expressions


Yes! Thank you!


I found this free felted heart bowl pattern today and remembered that you’d been looking for one. It might be too late for V-day this year, but can’t hurt to print it out for future use.

“Heart-Felt Wishes” Bowl