Felted hat question

Hi! I sorta started this hat last night:
It was a big problem working just 6 sts to start on dpns. Then I remembered someone here saying it might be easier to start out knitting flat, then transfer to dpns - which I did after a couple of increases. I haven’t really gotten very far yet but suddenly I realized that in working in the round, of course, you get st st from doing all knit sts. Since I was working flat for several rows, I got garter st. Is this going to make a difference after it’s felted? Or will it all felt to look pretty much the same? I loathe starting again. It took umpteen tries to get it on the 3 needles in the first place. It was very difficult for me, even just working back and forth. Am I going to see a difference on the very top of the hat where it’s garter vs. the rest of the hat being st st? I knitted flat until I increased up to 24 sts, then transferred to dpns. TIA

I made that hat 2 yrs ago! I’m embarrassed to say I still haven’t felted it :oops:

Anyway, after felting, there will probably be slight ridges in the garter stitch portion. Can’t say how noticable it will be to the finished hat. Could be only you will notice it. You could say it’s a design element of the hat. :wink:

Perhaps I’ll just start it again. I’m only several rows into it. Yes, yes, my ocd says to start again. :teehee:


Mine would probably make me too!!!