Felted hat for hubby

Hi everyone!
I love this site. My husband wants a felted earflap hat. I can not find a pattern for an adult. At this point it does not have to have earflaps. Does anybody have a pattern for a felted adult hat.



How about this basic earflap hat? All you need to do is to make it in handwashable 100% wool yarn and felt. You should perhaps swatch (make an example square and felt first) just to consider whether you may need to adjust this pattern at all for the yarn you use as felting will shrink the size somewhat (depending on how long you felt):

If you want a direct felt pattern try a google search along the lines of: knit pattern felted earflap hat

On this page there is also a nice men’s felted hat. You would need to buy the pattern but this would allow for the felting process and I think the side sections come down to cover the ears if required:


Could your husband carry this off?

Thanks ladies for your help. I found a pattern from Nancy Lindberg. Should be getting it soon. :cheering: My husband will be so happy!