Felted handbag for DD

This was a crochet felt pattern that I made into a knit one. My dd hinted around that she like this handbag while looking at the book when I was making the one for dil at Thanksgiving. I went to get started and saw that it was crochet, but it was easy to change. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool for Felting and I bought it at Michael’s. The Pattern booklet is Paton’s In The Bag. It knits up fast and easy!

I have that booklet! I fell in love with bag on the cover. Could you post the knit modifications for me, please? :muah:

Thnak you!

Sure! I just noticed it only posted one of the pictures so I re-attached the other one so you could see what it looked like close up. Be aware that if you use Paton’s SWS yarn that it felts really really quickly, like in 2-3 minutes so you have to really watch it! I made that mistake already and ended up with a little girl’s handbag and had to make another one for my dil. That’s why I went with the Lion Brand and besides I found this color and really liked it. The bag on the cover is for me when I get all this Christmas stuff done. I fell in love with it too! I love big bags and this one just looked so cool.

Crochet Gusset Bag (Knit directions)
#10 straight needles
(use same gauge as for crochet substitute sc for stitches)
You will make 2 identical pieces for the sides and one piece for the strap
Cast on 35 stitches and garter stitch 62 rows, Bo and make other side
For strap, cast on 13 stitches, garter stitch for 67 inches and BO (I wanted a nice wide strap so I used 17 stitches)
(I tried stockinette stitch, but the garter stitch seemed to match this pattern better)
Sew bottom of gusset together first then sew one side on then the other. (make sure not to twist strap when sewing gusset together!)

This yarn felted in about 8 minutes total in my washer so it doesn’t take long! Good luck!