Felted hand bag

I just knitted a small hand bag and felted it. The pattern then call to make a three inch cut centered on the hand bag front and back for a handle. Will this really work? Any suggestions how I would reinforce the handle opening/ I worry it will tear.:cry:

It really works.I have done it many times and use my bags all the time and have NEVER had one tear.

Have confidence in your bag! The yarn really tightens up after you felt it, making it very strong. I made a booga bag several months ago, and I STUFF it. I have had no problems with tearing.

I made a bag with a front flap button closure and I cut about a 3" slit for the large button and it has been fine - no tearing. I have to say that I was also a little worried as I had never cut into a felted piece before. Be brave - it will work out fine.

Any secrets to cutting a slit in a felted bag?

thanks for your reply

After I measured where I wanted the slit to be, laid the flap of the purse on a cutting board and just used a sharp knife. Putting the button through the slit a few times opened it up just enough.

Good luck.

As long as it has been thoroughly/completely felted rather than partially you should be fine.