Felted Furry Foot Warmers...help please w/pattern

These slippers are from SnB Nation, and I’m having a hard time getting started. I’m doing the monster slippers. If anyone has the book or has done these, I could really use some help. I need to finish these for a bday gift by the 1st.

Working on sole…on size 13 circs. directions are:
With A (color), CO 9 sts.
working in St st, shape sole:
Row 1: K
Rows 2-3: Inc 1 at each edge. [color=red]Should I P row 2? Should the Inc 1’s be the first and last stitch on the needle?[/color]
Row 4: P
Row 5: Inc 1 @ each edge. [color=red]Same thing, where should the Inc 1’s be?[/color]
Row 6-8: Work in even St st. [color=red]Should row 6 be purled, 7 knitted and 8 purled?[/color]
Row 9: Inc 1 at each edge.
Work even in ST st until piece measures 14" from beg, ending with RS facing.
Dec 1 st from each edge of next row, then EOR once. [color=red]What does EOR mean???[/color]

And the big question…should I have joined these sts yet, or am I working back and forth up until now? The pattern doesn’t mention anything about joining or rounds until later.

Any help you guys can give me would be GREAT. I’ve never used circs before…eek.

It sounds like you’re working flat on a circular needle since it says “increase at edge”. So you would have to alternate knit and purl rows. You choose your own increase method, working with the end stitches.

Someone else asked what EOR meant a few days ago, but I am unable to dredge up the answer from the sludge in my head. I think Silver answered the question, though, so help should come soon. (What’s that in the distance? Do I hear a cavalry horn??)

Thanks Sara~!

I hope so, I’m stumped… :hiding:

I thought EOR meant “End of Row,” but that doesn’t seem to work in this case. :??

Yeahhh…I hope I get to EOR more than once, lol!

Oops, I didn’t even read all your Q’s. :doh: Regarding the rest…

It says “working in stockinette stitch,” so odd rows should be knitted, even should be purled.

Increase at the very edge, or one or two stitches in if you want to have a neater edge for easier seaming. Totally personal preference. The first SNB book has a nice feature on what increasing on the edge looks like using a couple of different techniques.

Well, I’m not a native English speaker so I’m very terrible at figuring out abbreviations, but couldn’t it mean “every other row”?

pulls out first SnB book

On a side note, I got a very concerned look from the elderly cashier at Michaels yesterday, when she saw SnB on the counter…she gasped and said “oooooh does that say BIIIIII…”. I said, uh yeah, sorry about that and slunked out.

Ya know, I think they were trying to be really hip and appeal to a certain market with the S&B title, but at the same time I think they lost a bunch of sales with their choice of words. It just seems odd to me that they would use a word that is offensive to many.

Kaar, your English is pretty darn good, and I would say that in context of the language, Every Other Row could be right. But I still can’t figure out what the heck they’re telling us to do! Knitting is such fun!

Sara: oih, thank you!!! :blush: I do the best I can and I love the fact that I learn something new, still, almost every day :slight_smile:

When I read it before I thought they meant that you first decrease 1 from each edge (which makes 2 stitches that row) and then every other row you’d just decrease with one stitch. But now that I read it again, that doesn’t look right either.

sigh sorry, I can’t help afterall :frowning:

When I was making stuffed animals out of the Knitted Toys book, EOR meant “Every other Row”