Felted Footsies & Cargo Pants

I’m reaching the end of a couple projects. I finished up the Felted Footies I’ve been working on. They fulled up quite nicely and will make a great Christmas present.

I’m at the BO point on the Cargo Pants I’ve made some changes on them, knitting with two strands of Cascade 220 and adding short rows on the butt to accommodate cloth diaper bulk. Today I’ll weave in loose ends, sew down the casing and add elastic. They fit my grand daughter perfectly and will make great evening wear for our trip to Disneyland at Halloween.

Still working on EZ’s Bog Jacket.

Pics on my blog.

:happydance:Great job…I like that felted footies pattern…

those project look so fun!!! way to go.

Comfy and cute, in that order.

Those footies will be cozy!

Ooh, I have to make those footsies! I love the color you chose, too. And the cargo pants are so cute! Thanks for posting.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I finished up the Cargo Pants for my grand daughter’s second birthday. The short rows I added to accommodate the bulk of cloth diapers worked out perfectly.

These were really easy to make, all knit in the round. Next time, though, I’d put ribbing instead of the hem.

Pics on my blog.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]