Felted Flowers

[b][color=green][size=3]okay i know i have seen a free pattern for something along the lines of these felted flowers

but i can’t remember where. I am hoping for free cuz i am cheap but if i can’t find them i will buy this pattern. Does anybody know where i can find them? mostly i want to do some test felting and i wanna do a practice on something fun instead of just a swatch!

i have googled every way i can think of (and that was how i came up with those) but everything is a pay pattern. any ideas?


[color=red][size=2]btw…WoOoO HoOoOo! lookit me makin’ the hyper link thingy work!![/size][/color]

Try this:

and this - ( under flowers)

I’ve been knitting felted flowers madly :XX: for several months. At the first link you can ignore the crocheted ones and at the 2nd link , ignore the non-felted ones.

Karen W.

Here, too: http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTpetals.html