Felted fish?

We were on our way home from our lake place tonight when we stopped for a burger. Across the street is a small yarn shop. We have never been past when it’s been opened, but I thought I would go scope it out.

After I run across the two lane highway without getting hit, I peek in the door to see a very cute hat! Seems the person who runs it likes to felt! I mosey over to the window and she had five felted fish hanging in the window - three dimensional at that! They looked like tropical fish, one was a puffer fish, and were they ever cute! Don’t know what I would do with one, but they were C-U-T-E!!!

Next week I am taking the four year old granddaughter with me to the lake and guess where we will be stopping!!! I need to check out these fish up close and personal.


They sound cute. Make sure and ask if she has a pattern! :slight_smile:

I’ll be sure to…I’m going to see if she’ll let me take a picture. After talking to me, she’ll quickly know I could never figure out how to make them from just a picture!!


I know have these fish in a book at home. Possibly the Weekend Knitting one. I’ll take a look when I get home.

My knittting teacher made a felted fish purse complete with these

[size=6] big[/size][color=violet] [size=6]pink[/size][/color] fish lips. It was absolutely

adorable :inlove: ! But when asked about the pattern she turned very vague. (she

liked to show off her stuff but seemed very disinterested in the classes. It

was weird :?? .)

hrmm…i would think it wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a pattern for one (at least not for you smarty knitters who automatically know which increases and decreases you use for everything. me i know how to garter stitch! :rofling: ) if you did two halves, felted them, and then sewed and stuffed them would that work? i don’t know.

i don’t think the weekend knitting book has fish in it but i may have skipped that page… :thinking: i really need to utilize that book since i bought it so you people stop putting up cute free patterns! :rofling:

The felted fish that I was thinking of are in the book Knitter’s Stash. But they are available at www.knittingzone.com and a few other places on line. I just Googled felted fish.

there’s a felted fish kit at patternworks.com

there’s a felted fish bag (I think it’s called Fish Lips Purse) in the book Folk Bags.

harummmmph…why don’t they sell those without the yarn! i wanna pick my own colors! (though as i look at them…those would be the colors i would pick i think…lol)

looooooooook at these fishes…


now i really want a fish pattern!!

The ones Ingrid found at the knitting zone look like the ones I saw in the shop window…they are very cute! Looked to be about 8" long and some of them are as round as that too. I’m going to have to look closer once I go inside.


Ooooooooohh… Those ARE cute!!!

Let’s try this again, since my computer ate the last one as I was trying to add pictures!!!

This past Monday, my four year old granddaughter and I stopped by the yarn shop on the way to our lake place. I intended on a quick in and out trip since I had Ryan (who had a sucker in her mouth) with me. In we ventured and were greeted by a very pleasant woman who was working there. I explained I was there to see the fish up close and personal and asked if I might take pictures…she was more than happy to let me do that! The first picture I took is of Ryan holding a large fish that is probably a good 12" across…

I then took pictures of the ones she had hanging in the window. She explained the knitting group there had had a contest to see who could be the most creative! Hopefully, the pictures will show up…

After I drooled in the store for a good 45 minutes (I thought I was being quick! :oops: ) and two visits to the bathroom (Ryan likes strange new bathrooms…the first to potty, and the second because she needed to wash her hands one more time grandma!), I paid for the yarn I had picked out to make a baby hat for the new baby. It’s from Germany and is called Opal from ZwergerGarn. She assured me I could make at least six baby hats from it, so I may make the big brother a hat to match! It is, I was told, a self striping sock yarn…but it is oh so beautiful!

We head for the door when I hear ‘DO YOU WANT THAT FISH?’ I presumed she was talking to us because we were the only customers in the store. About this time, I see a fish neatly tucked under the crook of the crook!!! Again I hear ‘DO YOU WANT THAT FISH?’ (reminds me of the kids book and the old lady w/the dog bone). I tell my crook, I mean granddaughter, she needed to put it back (she showed no signs of parting w/said fish), when the nice lady said ‘Oh no! If she wants that fish, she may have it…she reminds me of my four year old granddaughter who lives far away that I hardly ever see, and I made that one and want her to have it!’ Well, I offered to pay her for it, but she refused. Ryan then went running to the woman and gave her a big hug, kiss, and thank you!!! She did grandma proud!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hope you enjoy the pictures…

Oh, how sweet! I’m a sucker for a pretty face, too. Pun intended.

Those fish are neato!

What a perfect day! What a nice woman! What a cute girl! Those fish are huge!

Fishing is DH’s obsession. When I showed him the pictures, he asked where the hooks go. :?? Then he said: “They’re lures, aren’t they?” (He was kidding, of course.)

But he may be right because they certainly caught some knitters! :lol:

Thanks for all the kind words about my granddaughter…she really is a cutey! I just noticed looking at the picture of her and the fish that the one she ‘took’ is right over her left shoulder…it’s purple and gold. And after looking at the one she is holding again, I’m thinking it was at least 15" long, maybe even 18"…it was quite large, and boy did she like it! I’m lucky she didn’t have one under each arm!


I don’t know why… but I keep reading this as “fish fetish” Maybe I need to seek profesional help on that :??

Oh my goodness!!! While I am busy here at work, I was looking at things online and found this…

This may be even better than felted fish!!!
(I am referring to the little critters hanging above the stuffed animals…felted bugs!)

I also found the felted fish pattern in a wonderful book called KNITTERS STASH, which my husband was kind enough to purchase for me!!!


Wow- what cool fish!! When I was reading the first post, I thought the fish were ones like I’ve seen in my LYS. Then when I got down to your pictures, I realized how HUGE they are!! The ones I saw are little tiny things- guppy sized, not TUNA sized! How nice of that woman to give the fish to your granddaughter. I hope you post pics after you make some yourself!! :smiley: