Felted cowboy hat

This is my first cowboy hat that I knitted for my husband the other night. It was HUGE before felting as you can tell, but it actually felted up just right. He was so proud of me :happydance: I was worried that it would felt up all wonky or something, but it turned out great. Of course, he had to keep putting the wet hat on his head until it got to the right size, but he didn’t mind. The “before” is my stepson modeling it so you can see how big it is. My DH has already given me his color choices for the next hat. This one was done with almost three hanks of 100% new wool by Katonah with the contrasting trim in another wool that I’ve lost the band on…sorry. I knitted the crown after I got home from work one night and the brim the next, and felted tonight. This goes extremely fast.

Love the prefelt picture, what a hoot!

What do you use to form it to a cowboy hat shape?

I used my husband’s noggin’ and then just kept on shaping it until it got the way he wanted it. It’s on the dining room table now drying on a bowl on top of a paint can :teehee: I just had to put it on his head, shape the top part of the crown and curl up the edges. It’s gonna take DAYS to dry. He’d wear it wet right now if he could. :lol:

:teehee: That before pic is hilarious! How cool it looks all felted though!! :cheering:

Thanks, Jan. I couldn’t believe how good this turned out. BTW, I got the pattern from highcountryknitwear.com. The lady’s name is Pat and she kept encouraging me all the way and is a really nice person. The pattern is one you download from the website. I think if I had knit this by myself I would have ripped it all out, but she assured me this was the way it should look before felting, and she was 100% right.

There used to be a Fat Albert cartoon on Saturday mornings and your dh in his prefelt hat looks like one of the characters who used to wear a hat that looked just like that. The cowboy hat is really cool!

Nonny, I was thinking the same thing!! :teehee:

It’s gorgeous!! :inlove:

I said exactly the same thing about the Fat Albert character. That’s actually my stepson doing the modeling…he’s wanting one now. Darn…guess I’ll have to go back to the LYS soon.

What a great hat! Excellent job!

Thank you everyone. Now my daughter’s boyfriend wants one as does my stepson. I see lots of hats in my future. Yeahhh!!

MUSH MOUTH!!! I loved him! That was my favorite character.

What a cool hat! :heart: :heart: :heart:

no no no thats Dumb Donald

Mush Mouth wore a skully

nice hat. DD asked me for a cowboy hat yesterday… now that i know i can knit one she just might get it!!! :thumbsup:

i love the hat! and the before picture is hilarious. :slight_smile:

Awesome hat!

wow I LOVE this!

That’s so cool!

Thank you everyone. This pattern came from a website called highcountryknitwear.com and after you pay $5, the pattern can be downloaded. It goes amazingly fast, done on #13 and #15 needles and even though you look at the monster size of it before felting, it turns out perfect after felting. The designer said she had never had anyone who made this have it not come out right. I can’t wait to knit another one.