Felted clogs

I’ve knit at least 5 pairs of the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs and they always shrink such that I knit a size up. My husband wears a size 13 so his pair shrunk to the point of being unwearable. I contacted Fiber Trends and with the help of Debbie I was able to look for a more appropriate yarn than I had been using and add stitches/rows to increase the size. They FIT and he is wearing them !!!
:woot: :woohoo:

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Success! They look so comfy. What yarn did you use?

it always amazes me… they’re like grocery sacks that shrink… great job! :wink:

I’ve knit two pair, one for my husband and one for me. They were fun to knit and watching them resize was cool. Unfortunately I can’t wear them. My skin is too sensitive. :confused:

The clogs are amazing! I love the way they felted to fit. Good for you for persevering to get the yarn and stitches to work and thank you Debbie, too.
Do I detect a Hokies fan?

Jan - I cannot wear them either ! I make them for everyone else but not me.

Salmonmac - when my boys (4 and 2) see football on TV they automatically say “Go Hokies” no matter who is playing. They in fact chose the colors for this pair of slippers.

GG - I used Plymouth Galway which is 56yds/oz, according to Debbie at Fiber Trends the ideal yarn for the clogs would be 50yds/oz and Cascade 220 is 63. It wasn’t a huge difference so I also worked an extra 6 stitches into the sole which then added short rows to the top/body of the slipper. I did not do anything to make them wider since all I needed was length.

I’m so impressed! They look wonderful!

I love that you posted the before and after. You did a great job!