Felted Clogs With Soles

I heard recently that felted clogs are great BUT that one should make the one with the soles. Has anyone made these? Where do I get them?

Ravelry has a felted clog pattern that shows clogs with and without bottoms. The pattern is from Fiber Trends. Here is the link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/felted-clogs-ac-33

Hope that helps!

Hi, yes I saw that one and went to it but didn’t see where the soles were included. I’ve often heard this pattern talked about and assumed this was the one I wanted.

I’d like to hear from anyone’s who’s bought it to find out if the soles came with it.

I’ve never heard of a pattern that included the soles. :think:

I want to get the fleece lines ones for my slippers should I ever get around to making them.

I’ve seen the soles at both Joanne’s and Hobby Lobby…around the knitting supplies

I’m going to put those on my I want to try list for “someday”.

Pam, I’ve wondered where to buy the attachable soles, too. Thanks I’ll check Joanne’s.

Thanks. I’ll check there!

Sooooooooo does the Fibertrends pattern (I haven’t shelled out the bucks for it yet) tell you how to attach to a sole? Or is it another pattern I need? Do you felt before or after attaching?

When you knit them, before you felt them, you knit the sole double. (pick up stitches and double the sole in my pattern, not sure about this one.) It makes for a good firm sole. I wear mine outside on the patio and out to get mail and everything. (I altered the pattern to enclose my heel, I wanted mine to stya on!)

How did you modify to make the heel higher? I am knitting my first one and am on row 25!

I have made a bunch of these now … since the sole is doubled it’s pretty thick. I don’t know how long they’ll last without adding a commercial sole but I’m happy with them for now (and so are the recipients so far).

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